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As a patient of Dr. Yong Luo for the past few years, I have been greatly impressed by his thoughtful and attentive care. He has had years of good training in his native China, and a rich clinical practice both in that country and the United States.

Dr. Yong Luo is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of acupuncture. As my care-giver in this field, I have been richly rewarded by his sensitivity and effective practice of his art.

I look for a medical care-giver who is well trained, experienced and compassionate. Dr. Yong Luo has these qualities. That is why he is my acupuncturist.

Jack Etheridge - Senior Judge Atlanta, Georgia


Weight Loss

My name is Jerry Smith. For over ten years I had been over weight. I had tried numerous options in order to lose weight but all had failed. Every time I lost some weight I would regain what I had lost and even more to go with it. One day my wife Googled acupuncture and found Dr. Yong Q. Luo.  We made an appointment in May 2010 to see if he thought he could help me. I have been a regular patient since then. My experience with acupuncture has been extremely positive. I have lost a total of ninety seven pounds! I have not felt or looked this good in ten years. Not only has Dr. Luo helped me with my weight problem, but he has also helped with my sinus congestion and my hip which would dislocate on occasion when I was walking or stepping off of curbs. I feel very blessed to know Dr. Luo.  As his patient, I have always been treated very kindly and respectfully. I have recommended Dr. Luo to everyone I know who has health or weight issue problems. Several people that I have talked to are now patients. I reassure people that Dr. Luo is genuinely concerned about my health as well as the health of others. I feel blessed to have him as my friend and my doctor.

Jerry Smith
Canton, Georgia

Acupuncture Help Weight Loss

Obesity not only affects the body's appearance but medical research has proven that obesity and cardiovascular disease, digestive diseases, diabetes, and respiratory diseases are closely related. It can increase the risk of some cancers, such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Obesity is an endocrine and metabolic disease. Overeating reduces energy and affects insulin production. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 34 percent of Americans are obese, and 6 percent are "extremely" obese.

bigstock_Lose_Weight_5187594.jpg Although the daily intake and energy consumption vary widely, adult fat content and body weight, under normal circumstances, is very stable. This is because there is a balance in the body of the energy taken in and the energy consumed. The physiological mechanism of regulating the energy balance is complex.
The main control in the central nervous system includes the promotion of appetite, a hunger center and an appetite control. Excessive body fat, over a long period of time, creates an energy imbalance and an unhealthy body. When the body's caloric intake is more than the body needs, the excess calories are stored as fat. It is the accumulation of excessive fat, when the energy balance is broken, that leads to obesity.

Weight loss with acupuncture, includes auricular acupuncture and body acupuncture. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory holds that being overweight is related to the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach function in the digestion and transportation of food. If these organs are not functioning normally, fluid retention can develop and Qi (energy) and blood become stagnant. This can result in obesity and in the course of time lead to a deficiency of both the spleen and the kidney. Disorders of the liver and gallbladder can become worse. This means the consumed product is not being metabolized and can change into fat and cause excess weight.  If this situation continues for a long time, the spleen and kidney can become deficient and the liver and gallbladder can develop disorders. The mechanism of acupuncture for weight loss is to regulate the function of the spleen and stomach. Each patient is a unique individual and each has his or her own underlying cause for being overweight. The doctor finds the key points in the patient in order to suppress the appetite in patients with hyperthyroidism, to regulate the endocrine function, promote energy metabolism, increase energy consumption, promote the mobilization and decomposition of body fat, and ultimately lose weight.

bigstock_Gym__Fitness_8331555.jpgEastern Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic's weight loss program is natural, effective, and has no side effects. Studies have shown that acupuncture helps one lose weight and thereby increase one's energy. Jeffrey Rossman, PhD, is a Director of Life Management in Lenox, MA said: �Try acupuncture. Many people who try acupuncture find that ear needles work quickly to help reduce cravings and compulsive eating. After acupuncture, people notice that they're naturally hungry at appropriate times of day, but not ravenously hungry. They are less stressed and less prone to engage in emotional eating�.

In real life, many things cannot happen overnight. It is the same for acupuncture weight loss.  At the Eastern Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic, Dr. Luo has had some patients lose 5 -10 pounds within a month and some patients lost 20 - 40 pounds in three months.  Since each person is an individual with unique needs, the progress and effectiveness of the treatment will not be uniform.  As long as the patient builds confidence with Dr. Luo's health advice along with a reasonable diet, exercise, and adheres to regular treatments of acupuncture, most patients will see positive results in weight loss.

For 30 years of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice, Dr. Luo has used a unique method of treating weight loss with acupuncture. He has successfully helped many patients with weight loss.  Patients view their experience with Dr. Luo as completely supportive. They know he encourages his patients physically, mentally and emotionally through the process of losing weight!

If you are interested in losing weight in a natural, safe, and effective way, contact Atlanta Georgia Acupuncture Weight Loss Clinic (404)909-2184 or Canton Georgia Acupuncture Weight Loss Clinic (770)720-1398. Talking to Dr. Luo may prove to be a beneficial option to you.


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