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As a patient of Dr. Yong Luo for the past few years, I have been greatly impressed by his thoughtful and attentive care. He has had years of good training in his native China, and a rich clinical practice both in that country and the United States.

Dr. Yong Luo is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of acupuncture. As my care-giver in this field, I have been richly rewarded by his sensitivity and effective practice of his art.

I look for a medical care-giver who is well trained, experienced and compassionate. Dr. Yong Luo has these qualities. That is why he is my acupuncturist.

Jack Etheridge - Senior Judge Atlanta, Georgia

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I am a patient of Dr. Luo's for more than 2 years now and I thank my lucky stars for that fact.

I'm writing this letter to inform everyone I know that when I came to Dr. Luo for the first time, I could not have been in more serious systemic and localized pain.

I am a survivor of a broken neck from a serious swimming pool accident in 1977. This injury not only gave me Hepatitis C as a result of the blood supply of America being tainted with Hepatitis C until our government found out about it as late as 1992. Needless to say, this bone crushing accident has created a host of chronic problems over the years.

Although I'm a very lucky man to have survived this accident at all, and as I was literally one millimeter away from being a quadriplegic like Christopher Reeves, I believe I was sent to Dr. Luo as I was in need of a practicing healing Angel. Dr. Luo has tremendous experience and gifts. He is always cheerful and compassionate in dealing with me as he is with everyone. He also treats my girlfriend, Joan, and I know she feels the same as I do about him.

When I moved to Atlanta over 2 years ago, to be with the love of my life, Joan, she offered to take me to see Dr. Luo as I was suffering with very painful problems with my knee, my shoulder, my neck, and as a musician the joints in my right hand were in major trouble.

I was also dealing with prostate issues and other problems created by overcompensating using "good body parts" in my attempt to pick up the slack and ease pain. This created a cascading effect of more pain as my body kept trying to compensate for more and more the imbalances of energy flow.

I had tried every pain medication known to man, and nothing worked. I tried anti-inflammatory medications that would give very brief relief at best.

I tried cortisone shots, which failed completely, and so many over the counter remedies that did not work.

After the first appointment with Doctor Luo, I got instant relief in my knee joint and that was just the start with Dr. Luo. I was startled at how quickly this worked. I had been to other acupuncturists over the years but not one doctor really understood the body like Dr. Luo does.

He would treat ancient meridians that I didn't even know were connected. I have had numbness at the neck injury site radiating down both arms and reeking havoc on my entire back.  I had a fusion of the 4th, 5th, and 6th vertebrae in my neck, fused together with wires and bone from my hip. Needless to say I have suffered for years with no relief until going to Dr. Luo 

Dr. Luo definitely treats the injury site but his real talent is in treating the body systemically, which I call being a true healer. Sometimes the treatments are more intense then others but it is always worth it. 

I would recommend that anyone having relentless chronic pain of any type to give Dr. Luo a few months, going every week and I'm certain he will hit the proverbial needle right exactly on the head of the problem.  

Dr. Luo always knows exactly where to put his energy and needles as well as enhancing his acupuncture with knowledge of massage and the body unparalleled in western acupuncturists that I have gone to. He is a true artist. So many acupuncturists these days do not have the kind of experience or talent that Dr. Luo embodies. He also understands Chinese herbs in way that I've never experienced as well.

I do not hesitate to see him prophylactically, as well as for chronic and acute symptoms that arise from my body compensating continuously due to my compounding injuries.

It's quite simple in that Dr. Luo is incontrovertibly the best acupuncturist and true healing arts practitioner I've ever gone to. I've tried to get friends of mine from NYC and even my parents in Palm Beach Florida to come and be treated by him.

In my opinion, if you are having pain and need to have your energy flow better, to sleep better and definitely to feel better then do not hesitate to make a series of appointments with Dr. Luo. As he says lovingly and with compassion Jeff, "no pain, no gain".

Jeff Kent


I have been Dr. Luo's patient for 3 years and I continue to be surprised at his abilities. My health problems are unique but they have not caused Dr. Luo to give up treatment. He continues to try his best to give me relief from pain. I am often asked if acupuncture hurts. Well, it doesn't. Because I have pain when I'm touched and wear clothing, sometimes I have pain with the needles but I feel the benefits of the treatment outweigh the temporary pain. However, I have experienced the needles being painless and this is the most common experience with acupuncture.

On my first visit to Dr. Luo, I could hardly walk into the office, but when I sat up from the treatment the pain was cut in half. I continue to see improvement in my chronic condition and I ALWAYS find relief afterwards. For the following day or two, I experience soreness and stiffness because my body is merely adjusting. I continue to go back because in short, acupuncture helps.

One thing I greatly appreciate and admire in Dr. Luo is his compassion for his patients. He believes in the combination of Eastern and Western medicine and takes his time to give the best care to each patient. I have recommended him to many people, including my family, and in every case acupuncture has resulted in an improvement in their various conditions. It is not a cure but it is an alternative to surgery, procedures, and medication.

I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture to all patients. Furthermore, when searching for a competent and compassionate doctor, look no further than Dr. Luo. I am afraid to think what my physical condition would be if I didn't start treatment 3 years ago, and I give Dr. Luo my gratitude for giving me control of my health and hope for the future.

Carolynn Cheatham


As a patient of Dr. Yong Luo for the past few years, I have been greatly impressed by his thoughtful and attentive care. He has had years of good training in his native China, and a rich clinical practice both in that country and the United States.

Dr. Yong Luo is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of acupuncture. As my care-giver in this field, I have been richly rewarded by his sensitivity and effective practice of his art.

I look for a medical care-giver who is well trained, experienced and compas-sionate. Dr. Yong Luo has these qualities. That is why he is my acupuncturist.

Jack Etheridge


Acupuncture and Acupressure by Dr. Yong Q. Luo kept me from having surgery.  After a diagnosis of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, my doctor recommended that I have surgery on both wrists.  To get another opinion, I consulted with Dr. Luo. A series of acupuncture treatments by him brought me relief and the ability to use my hands without pain. There has been no recurrence since my treatment eight years ago. I have only the highest praise for Dr. Luo's knowledge and skill as well as his gentleness and compassion....

N. K. C.


My story starts the middle of November 2014 when I lost my voice overnight.  My primary physician treated me for laryngitis with no success.  I then went to an ENT physician who (because I previously had cancer) ordered a CT of my lungs, Ultrasound of the thyroid and MRI of the brain to rule out a return of cancer.  He then did a Laryngoscopy and determined that my left vocal cord was �frozen�/paralyzed.  He said that it was probably a virus and might take up to 18 months to clear up - if it ever did!  During all of these test I still had no voice and when I did try to talk I had trouble breathing.

Finally I got so frustrated that I decided to look online and try to �CURE� myself!!!  I settled on acupuncture and found Dr Yong Luo's web site. I felt comfortable with his training background and 30+ years of experience. I did not know how acupuncture would help but I knew that �Western� medicine was not doing anything.  At this time I had not had a voice for over two (2) months!!!

On my first visit Dr. Luo concentrated on my voice problems.   THE NEXT MORNING I HAD MY VOICE BACK and have had no relapses!!!  Since then we have worked on my vertigo problem, my seasonal allergies and just general fatigue.  

I really appreciate Dr. Luo's compassion for his patients.  I feel like I am just having a nice visit with a friend.  I have recommended him to friends and family with results for them also.  By the way, when you visit Dr. Luo you will also meet his wife, Linda, who handles the front office...one very sweet lady with a smile ready for everyone!

Thank you, Dr. Luo

Sherry G.


I am very pleased with the help I have received from Dr. Luo in dealing with herniated discs of the lower back, spinal and neuroforaminal stenosis and arthritis. After several treatments, I am able to move again! I have been able to begin a water exercise program and am finding that I have more strength and energy. The pain is almost gone. Dr. Luo is very thorough and attentive. His years of experience were very evident in dealing with my specific pain. I am so thankful to have found him before I made the decision of surgery and disc fusions.

G. B.


Dr. Luo, who had been recommended by a friend, gave me back my life! He not only treated the pain I was having, but improved all aspects of my health, body, and mind. Acupuncture has put me on the path to total health. Thanks Dr. Luo!

R. S.


In 2004 I had acupuncture treatment to quit smoking. It has been over 6 years and I am still smoke free, thanks to Dr. Luo.

A. J. T.


Dear Dr. Luo:

I just Wanted to write you a short note thanking you for your gentle healing spirit and acupuncture treatments. Monday of this week I smoked my last cigarette. Just made the decision and did it. I truly appreciate the role you played in my success.

Mary Evans


Dear Dr. Luo, I would like to thank you for your amazing treatment to cure my allergies. I want everyone to know acupuncture really worked for me to eliminate my allergies. I wish someone told me about your treatment years ago. I just had a total of five treatment, my allergies are completely relived.

R. L.


Dear Dr. Luo, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your hard work and compassion throughout the acupuncture sessions. Over this time, I am relieved of 85% of the chronic sciatica. I haven't felt this good for many years. I cannot thank Dr. Luo enough for what you have done for me.

Jim. L.


Dear Dr. Luo, I want to thank you for all the acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicines. I am pregnant after struggling 8 years with infertility. Before I tried acupuncture, the doctor told me I will never have a child. I never thought I will be able to get pregnant.

A friend recommended you to me and I thought I would give acupuncture a try. It was four months later that I found out to my amazement that I am five weeks pregnant.

There are no words to describe how grateful we are for all your help in making our dream come true! I also think of how blessed I was to find you and trust in your expertise as you helped to make this experience possible. I highly recommend you to anyone who wishes to give birth in the natural way.

Jeanette S.


My husband and I had been struggling with infertility and had tried all the standard procedures prior to my seeing Dr. Luo My initial goal with him was to help with relaxation and then I realized that he helped with fertility as well. I saw him for several weeks while working with a fertility specialist. I truly believe that he helped with developing a healthy lining and I am now pregnant! Thank you Dr Luo! You not only helped me physically achieve having a child, but also gave me confidence that I could. This clinic is wonderful and the people there are warm and friendly.


Tori Teska


In 2010, I experienced every woman's nightmare, I miscarried my sweet baby in the first trimester. I was devastated and that loss will forever be with me and my husband. In December 2012, I knew I had conceived again and I was filled with both excitement and fear, another opportunity to be a mother at 41 was a dream come true. I did not want to leave this pregnancy to chance so I called on Dr. Luo. In fact before I even told my husband, I told him, I was afraid of the unknown. Dr. Luo was excited from the beginning and designed a definite protocol complete with safe herbal teas and herbs to help my body do what God designed it to do. As a result of Dr. Luo's knowledge and insight and God's blessing upon me and my family, on September 12, 2013, I brought forth a beautiful healthy baby boy! He weighed 8lbs and was 21 inches long. I am thankful for Dr. Luo's skill and precision as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and I would encourage any woman faced with pregnancy challenges to seek him out.

Kecia Robinson-Moore


"We live in Knoxville, Tennessee. After being married for a few years, my wife cannot get pregnant because she has PCOS. Since the end of 2011, we had tried different ways for this disease in Knoxville and Chattanooga, but Western Medicine never worked out successfully. We were really tired, upset, and felt hopeless. Until the fall of 2012, we found Dr. Luo's Acupuncture Office in Atlanta on the internet and decided to have a try. Initially we were not quite optimistic because there were lots of Chinese medical clinics in Atlanta and we didn't know which one is good. But just after our first try, we immediately realized that Dr. Luo is very professional and has valuable experience. The little magic needles that Dr. Luo had put on my wife's belly, leg and foot were really amazing. Influenced by the acupuncture treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine, my wife's tiredness was greatly reduced and her period seemed to come back regularly. For the three months from late September to early December, we went to Dr. Luo's office almost every   Saturday . It turned out the seven hours of driving between Knoxville and Atlanta for nearly 12 times were quite successful and worthy, because my wife got pregnant at December. Finally our baby girl came to the real world at August this year and she is cute and healthy. We want to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Luo. This man is very nice, knowledgeable, and has a great power of the Tradition Chinese Medicine. His help ended our long-time frustration and gave us hope for the future. Now our baby girl is almost three months old and we all feel very happy. "

C. L.


Over 1.5 years ago I went off birth control after having been on it continuously for over ten years. I quickly realized it was taking my body a lot longer than most to adjust to the changes as I was no longer getting a cycle on my own. I did a few rounds of prometrium to induce my cycle, but it did nothing else. This is where I decided to look at an alternative practice and found Dr. Luo. I started treatment on July 5th coming twice a week for the first few weeks and then once per week. I followed all of his instructions which included the herbal tea or a pill form of the herbs when I was traveling. I also charted my basal body temperature daily to see when and if I would ovulate. I could not believe my eyes when my chart actually started to look text book! My chart told me that I ovulated on August 22nd- just a little over a month and a half of treatment. I was then expecting my cycle to come on Thursday but the date came and went and my temperature was staying up. I decided to take a pregnancy test and could not believe that it was positive!! I had an appointment with my doctor today and they have confirmed I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I will continue to see Dr. Luo throughout my pregnancy to ensure the best health possible. Dr. Luo and his wife are absolutely wonderful and you know their ultimate goal is to help you get better by fixing the root of the problem. I will not hesitate one bit to refer my friends and family to Eastern Acupunture & Herbal Clinic. Thank you Dr. Luo!!

Jenny Browne


Dear Dr. Luo,

Thank you so Much for all your help with fertility! We are so in love with our twin girls(Born on July 14, 2014). Many Thanks!

Tiffany and Steve


I began seeing Dr. Luo in August 2015 after trying to conceive for 1 and a half years after getting married. I am over 35 and we were concerned after having test done with our fertility specialist that we might be dealing with undetermined infertility. Our doctor recommended Clomid, but we wanted an option that promoted ultimate health instead of sending my hormones into overdrive. Immediately when I started treatment, I felt the overall health benefits (no stress, digestive regularity, no sweet cravings, elimination of ovulation pain, reduced menstrual pain and flow). By my second cycle of treatment, we were pregnant! I can't imagine how much money we saved by trying Dr. Luo first. He was always warm, welcoming, and attentive. I can't say how blessed we feel to have found Dr. Luo to have opened this door way for us.

Anonymous - Atlanta, GA


Dear Linda,
I wanted to share with Dr. Luo and you the amazing news that I'm 4 months pregnant and expecting a baby girl in February!! I can't tell you how happy we are and this would not have been possible without the help and care of Dr. Luo. 
After the last treatment I completed with Dr. Luo before you both went to China, I didn't get my period so after waiting for about 7 days I visited an OBGYN doctor who told me I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I didn't tell you before because we were waiting to be at least in the 4th month.
I'll always be grateful to Dr. Luo and you for the great care I received and for making this impossible dream a reality.
Please send my sincere thanks and regards to Dr. Luo.
Most sincerely,

Analia  R.


I have suffered from headaches of one kind or another since I was 30 years old.  Over the past few years they have gotten to the point where I was able to find no relief for months at a time.  My friend recommended acupuncture and directed me to Dr. Luo. This was an amazing experience.  I have seen many different doctors to combat these headaches and none of these, regardless of the strength of the medications they gave me, were able to conquer my symptoms.  When I began seeing Dr. Luo I was taken by his kindness and understanding, And after a few acupuncture sessions, I could already feel the difference. In addition, Dr. Luo has helped me combat so many other health problems that I thought were just a part of life.  I have been so amazingly blessed to be in Dr. Luo's care. 

Jennifer S.


The stress had limited every aspect of my life and became unbearable for many years.  I found it extremely difficult to function on the simplest of levels.  In addition, I was unable to sleep on countless nights.  I had recently researched Chinese medicine and found Dr. Luo. I went and visited Dr. Luo and immediately felt the effects of his treatments. The same night I received my first treatment I had the best sleep I could have ever imagined.  After several treatments my stress began to diminish and I found myself becoming more comfortable in describing how I feel. I strongly, highly, and deeply recommend consulting Dr.Luo and allowing him to help anyone who is in need. I am very thankful for everything Dr. Luo has done for me.  With all of my sincerity, he has helped me beyond belief. Thank you Dr. Luo for everything!

Linda N.


Dr. Luo, with many years experience, came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed. Besides me, he treated my 19 year old daughter who had the Epstein's Barr virus with liver complications. After 2 treatments, her liver tests came back normal & she felt much better. Her pediatrician was impressed that this had been accomplished in just 2 weeks.



Dr. Luo has helped my son's GI condition and he is feeling better after 4 years of constant distress. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help for a condition that western doctors can't "fix".

Ryan Chamberlain


For nearly a decade, I have been seeing Dr. Luo for assistance with a variety of ailments. I initially went to him for assistance with chronic fatigue, but I have also found him helpful for treating back pain and digestive ailments as well as minor things that crop up here and there.

Besides the relief he brings to me, what I like best about Dr. Luo is his compassionate and caring manner.

Dr. Luo has a realistic and holistic view towards treatment. He judiciously works on both eliminating an ailment and reducing suffering.

Sometimes I go to him just for a boost when I am beginning to feel run down.

I understand acupuncture, Eastern medicine, and herbs no better than I understand Western medicine and chemical compounds, but I do know Dr. Luo helps me feel better and stronger.

I highly recommend Dr. Luo!

Marc Resnick


Dr. Luo has been my acupuncturist for over eight years. He is an accomplished and talented healer supporting my health through job stress and physical problems. I recommend Dr. Luo when all other health systems don't work for you.



I have only been receiving treatment from Dr. Luo for about 2 months. I am now sleeping most nights like a baby!!!! I've not been able to sleep this good in about 15 years. If you have never had insomnia you don't know how debilitating it can be to go night after night without sleep. But thanks to Dr. Luo I am not only sleeping well but have more energy to do all the things I need to do. Not only does he treat your medical problems but you will never find a more caring and compassionate physician. If you have a medical problem please go see Dr. Luo and give acupuncture and herbal medicine a try you won't be disappointed. Thank Dr Luo for all you do.

Rita Burcl


I have referred a number of patients to Dr. Luo for acupuncture treatment. The results were amazing!  My own Mother was sent in and experienced fantastic results for an 83 year old.  The treatment is effective, time efficient, and more than reasonable (in fact very inexpensive).

I am happy to suggest for a variety of conditions without hesitation!

Dr. Mac M.


My name is Jerry Smith. For over ten years I had been over weight. I had tried numerous options in order to lose weight but all had failed. Every time I lost some weight I would regain what I had lost and even more to go with it. One day my wife Googled acupuncture and found Dr. Yong Q. Luo. We made an appointment in May 2010 to see if he thought he could help me. I have been a regular patient since then. My experience with acupuncture has been extremely positive. I have lost a total of ninety seven pounds! I have not felt or looked this good in ten years. Not only has Dr. Luo helped me with my weight problem, but he has also helped with my sinus congestion and my hip which would dislocate on occasion when I was walking or stepping off of curbs. I feel very blessed to know Dr. Luo. As his patient, I have always been treated very kindly and respectfully. I have recommended Dr. Luo to everyone I know who has health or weight issue problems. Several people that I have talked to are now patients. I reassure people that Dr. Luo is genuinely concerned about my health as well as the health of others. I feel blessed to have him as my friend and my doctor.

Jerry Smith


I am a physician practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. During the past year, I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Yong Q. Luo for migraine headaches and stress reduction. Dr. Luo is a compassionate caregiver. I have gone to several acupuncturists in my past year, and Dr. Luo is among the best acupuncturist I have used. I have highly recommended Dr. Luo to a number of my patients.

L. S. H.


When I came to Dr. Luo several years ago, I was extremely ill. I had been sick for months with severe digestive issues (I had been diagnosed with crohn's disease about 10 years earlier and was suffering from a terrible relapse).  At the time of my first appointment, I was about 20 lbs underweight and very weak.  I could hardly eat and was extremely anemic (I needed to have iron infusions previously, but they did not help me very much).  Most of my hair had fallen out and my skin was turning yellow. I was also in nearly constant pain. That first day Dr. Luo told me that within 3 months he would have me feeling much better. I started seeing him twice a week and drank the tea we made out of the dried Chinese herbs he gave us three times a day.  And Dr. Luo was right!  Within 3 months I was feeling much better. I could eat again and enjoy food for the first time in months, I started gaining healthy weight, and my hair began growing back. I still had a ways to go, but the change was amazing. I continued seeing Dr. Luo twice a week for 6 months and then once a week for 6 more months after that. During that time, my health continued to improve steadily, and now I see Dr. Luo every two weeks just for maintenance and because I believe acupuncture is so powerful in terms of supporting overall health and vitality.  Dr.  Luo gave me my life back when no one else (traditional or other alternative practitioners) could help me. I will always be grateful to him and thank God for leading us to him.  Now if I ever have a bad cold or a pulled muscle or any other health issue, I go to Dr. Luo rather than seeing any other doctor :)  I think every one of his patients can attest to his incredible skill as a doctor, but it is also important to note that Dr. Luo is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  He has such a pure heart and truly cares about each of his patients. He is just a wonderful person, and I really can't say enough wonderful things about him.

Andrea Gormley


Dear Dr. Luo,

Thank you so much! My blood pressure is laterally perfect-much, much, much better than when I started coming to you. It is even better than I can remember it being in years.

I appreciate what you have done so much. You know I have recommended you already and I plan on doing so in the future!

My husband and I thank you again!

Katherine Cook


I've been seeing Dr Luo for a few weeks. He was a last ditch attempt for me to get my bursitis under control. I've had it for 7 years in both hips and have tried cortisone shots (before I knew better), chiropractic, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, etc. I've found some relief, but nothing near the relief I had after my first session with Dr Luo. I could sleep on my side without pain for the first time in years! As if the immediate impact he has made wasn't enough, seeing him is as pleasant as can be. He is so kind, caring, takes the time to listen to you, and is very thorough in his treatment. His wife works the front desk and is also very warm and welcoming. Such a fantastic experience. I will definitely continue my care with him and recommend him to family and friends.

Stephanie N.


Amazing Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Doctor (in Atlanta/Canton Georgia)!

I have discovered an amazing acupuncture doctor near Northside Hospital in Atlanta Georgia and Canton Georgia. Dr. Luo has completely relived all my back pain that I acquired during a horrible car accident in December of 2012. He is a very nice knowledgeable man and is also a Chinese herbal doctor.

I want to put this notice out for anyone who needs help with pain management and doesn't know where to begin to look.

Jo Toth


I had my first visit with Dr. Luo and he is a fantastic doctor! Although I was a little hesitant at first, I was glad that I kept an open mind for Chinese medicine after I met him and I couldn't have dreamed a better health care provider. He sees you not just as a patient but really cares about you as a person. The front desk is very friendly and helpful. The office is also very clean and not at all intimidating. I highly recommend Eastern Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic! 

K. S.


In addition to pain relief, after a regular schedule of acupuncture treatments my entire health has greatly improved.

My advice: Give acupuncture a try, it's effective and more natural than drugs!

A. G.


All I can say is.... thank god I found this place! First real medical help I have had.

Miriam Jackson


I have had several years of chronic lower and upper back pain. In addition; with the changing climate, especially cold or rainy weather, the chronic back pain causes unbearable mobility.

Rainey and colder days keep me bedridden sometimes.

I have only begun a month with Dr. Yong Q. Luo of the Eastern Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic and can unequivocally state that �since receiving the acupuncture treatments & therapy, my pain level has decreased substantially.� I am slowly beginning to feel like my old mobility self again. Doing chores like light housekeeping and planting flowers and moving about as I had previously done in the past.

Dr. Yong Luo is very gentle and compassionate. He is extremely attentive and highly trained and experienced in the professional practice of acupuncture. In addition; he takes the time to explain and answer questions as he is providing your care.

The office climate is personal, private and professional. The staff is always cordial and friendly. Patients leave Dr. Yong Luo's office with a smile! I would highly recommend Dr. Yong Luo and the office of Eastern Acupuncture to anyone who may find the need for practicable and reliable treatments for their particular aliment. He has been a blessing for me!



SGM, (RET), U.S. Army


I have suffered with a neurological disorder diagnosed as trigeminal neurolga.  I have excruciating pain much like a migraine, but goes down side of my face and head.  I have been on many medications with terrible side effects, they helped, but never did the pain go away entirely.  Within a month of getting acupuncture from Dr. Luo, I felt relief.  After 6 months I am pain free and off all my meds.  I can't say enough good things about him, he is very intuitive, kind and professional.  His wife works in the office and she is lovely as well.

I have talked to other patients who have gotten relief from chronic pain, back & knee pain, anxiety, migraines, help with stopping smoking etc.

He has been a godsend for me!

Sheryll W.


I am a world war two veteran with many chronic illnesses. I consider myself to be a tough man and not one to complain easily-that is until I began experiencing unbelievable pain in my feet and legs. My diabetes had brought on a horrible case of diabetic neuropathy. I started with medical doctors and many prescriptions and ever changing regimens that brought about little,if any, relief.  I searched the internet and sent off for creams and drug concoctions-all to no avail. It was getting to the point where I could not get a good night's sleep. Life as I knew it had changed and for the first time ever I was getting quite depressed. I had all but given up when my daughter kept searching for some relief on my behalf. We had tried everything ,or so we thought. While in the waiting room to see the neurologist a young man talking to his father mentioned the great results he was getting from acupuncture. He took the time to call his wife, with a little prodding from my daughter (smile) and they gave us Dr. Luo's name and phone number. I have to say I had my doubts about acupuncture ,but again with a little prodding from my daughter , I decided to give it a shot! God knows I had nothing to lose. We made an appointment for the following day. Dr. Luo's wife answered our call, she made us feel even more at ease with our decision to try acupuncture. Prior to going in for my appointment I read about Dr. Luo's extensive credentials and raving reviews from some of his patients. I happen to be a born skeptic, meaning I have to make my own opinions, based on my own experiences! Well let me tell you- a few months after starting my sessions with Dr. Luo I am a changed man. I am sleeping nightly non stop and the depression is gone ! I have thrown away the creams and nightly regimens I used to have to endure. Thank God for the highly skilled and compassionate Dr.Luo and his kind wife Linda. This happens to be the first time I have taken the time to write a review for anyone. That in itself is a testament to how thankful I am to have come across the threshold of Dr. Luo and his practice.

Joseph W.


I have been under Dr Luo's care for psoriasis and Hoshimotos Thyroid . I have seen remarkable results from the treatments. I am also taking Chinese Herbs as prescribed for heat inside my body. Again significant results. 
I am so happy with my care and will continue treatments.  I definitely recommend Dr Luo. You will not be sorry!

Ginger B.

Knoxville, TN


Where shall I begin? At least 5 years ago, I found Dr. Luo. My husband had been on a business trip in Hong Kong and became quite ill. Having relied on Eastern Medicine in times past, I found him a doctor of Chinese Medicine there.  After 2 weeks of treatment, my husband left China and returned home better and with a prescription to continue herbal treatment. There was one problem, the prescription was written in Chinese!

I began searching for a doctor that would continue the treatments for my husband as well as a doctor that was Chinese and could fill the prescription as indicated. Wisdom certainly brought me to Eastern Acupuncture. He (Dr. Luo) read over the medical records that were sent from Hong Kong and concurred. He began treating my husband straight way and have since seen our entire family through every ailment imaginable.

Dr. Luo has treated our sons who were high school football players, our daughter-in-law, who was in a car accident, our son who had a mysterious cough that no MD could figure out and me for unexplained weakness/no energy, along with constant migraines and let me not forget, a high risk pregnancy after a prior miscarriage.

After serving as our primary physician for so long, I highly recommend the expertise of not only Dr. Luo, but the heart of the practice, Mrs. Luo. Her care for each patient and their plight is evident. She treats every patient with value!

My husband and I have since recommended dozens of folks to this practice. We are confident in the Dr. Luo's ability to tackle an ailment and bring about wellness. The Lord certainly uses him to keep my family and friends well!


Roswell, GA


I have been seeing Dr. Luo as needed since 2009. He has treated me for degenerative arthritis, knee & hip pain, & extremely painful muscle spasms.  Words really can't describe how effective his acupuncture treatments have been and are for me.  For example, I have been suffering for over a month with an unrelenting muscle spasm in one side of my back. Deep tissue massage, lymphatic light therapy, & muscle relaxer prescriptions did not help at all.  After ONE acupuncture treatment today from Dr. Luo, I am blessed to be pain free!  Dr. Luo is a skilled & compassionate acupuncturist. He & his precious wife are a treasure!  I highly recommend Dr. & Mrs. Luo's Eastern Acupuncture  & Herbal Clinic!  You will be amazed how great you feel after your first session!

Linda W.


I first went to Dr. Luo 5 years ago.  I was in a very deep depression... I could hardly take a breath without bursting out into tears.  Something had been wrong with me for sometime.  I was finally at the point where I needed help from somewhere.  I found Dr. Luo online.  At my first visit I made an appointment for weight loss. Somewhere in my scrambled mind I thought that if I could just loose the weight then all my anxiety and depression would disappear.  But during our intake interview with Dr. Luo he saw right away that my need was more than weight.  He was very patient and explained how I need to express all things that I am feeling physical and mental.  By the time we finished Dr. Luo had a plan for how to work with me as a whole.   Dr. Luo helped me to understand that the key to accupunture is explaining and being honest with all things that are going on with you.  I was reassured that I would feel relief immediately.  I didn't believe it. I had been suffering for over two years by then.  But to my relief he was right.  I took a deep breathe when I  got to my car and no tears, no ache, no heavy feeling in my chest... I was sure my the time I got home it would be back. Maybe a thought would trigger something... but no.  I continued to see Dr. Luo. After each visit it would take a little longer before the symptoms returned...until one day they just weren't there anymore, at least not like they were.  This was the absolute scariest time in my life.  I want Dr. Luo to know that he saved a life that day. I am forever grateful.

Nicole B.

Atlanta, GA


AMAZING. AMAZING AMAZING. I've been doing traditional Chinese medicine for years and this place is a rarity. Not even the most experience acupuncturists in LA can come close to how good he is!!

Sean J.

Montebello, CA


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