What is the history of acupuncture in the United States?
Decoding an Ancient Therapy

As a patient of Dr. Yong Luo for the past few years, I have been greatly impressed by his thoughtful and attentive care. He has had years of good training in his native China, and a rich clinical practice both in that country and the United States.

Dr. Yong Luo is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of acupuncture. As my care-giver in this field, I have been richly rewarded by his sensitivity and effective practice of his art.

I look for a medical care-giver who is well trained, experienced and compassionate. Dr. Yong Luo has these qualities. That is why he is my acupuncturist.

Jack Etheridge - Senior Judge Atlanta, Georgia




Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive health care system that uses acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to balance the body and foster an ultimate state of health. Within each person are pathways in which the energy (called Qi) of our body flows. Much like the messenger pathways of our nervous and circulatory systems, these meridians act as conduits for energetic passage. With the use of hair thin acupuncture needles on specific anatomical points, a licensed acupuncturist can make subtle adjustments to the flow of these meridians and alter the imbalances to promote a state of health.  When there is proper flow of Qi and blood in the body the natural state of health can flourish. 


Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs have been studied and formulated for over a millennia and are the most complex, yet effective way to utilize plant or botanical medicine to achieve results.  Herbs are prescribed in formulas that are specifically designed to suit each individual.  The benefits of including herbs in a treatment plan are numerous. Often they can nourish the body and mind for those that are more depleted. Additionally they can calm, support and enhance the body to work in the most efficient and effective manner.



Cupping has become popularized in the media due to the marks seen on several celebrities. Like all of Chinese Medicine, it has been around for thousands of years and has played a role in many medical histories of different cultural origins. It has remained due to its ability to address several key ailments. Commonly it is used for pain management and respiratory disorders. Cupping is the placement of specially designed glass cups in an inverted position over certain areas of the body with the use of vacuum pressure. While this procedure does leave marks for several days, it can often provide immediate relief for many conditions and is a great and often under-utilized component of Eastern Medicine.



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